How the Meal Plan Works

  1. Get the List

    Each week, we provide a fresh vegan meal plan, delicious recipes, and a complete shopping list that includes options for substitutions.

  2. Go Shopping

    The shopping list that we provide outlines all the food you’ll need for the whole week, leaving little to waste at the end, saving you money.

  1. Cook, Eat, Enjoy

    Using our recipes, make healthy food for every meal, without having to worry about the details.

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Weekly Vegan Meal Plans

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What They’re Saying about the Vegan Meal Plan

  • I’m really loving the recipes and menus. It’s amazing! I’ve saved a ton on groceries already! My husband is a carnivore, but because of my diet eats what I eat while he’s home (I’m the cook!). He’s loving the recipes too! Thank you a million times over!

    —Miranda L.

  • I love your site. It’s really made me transitioning to eating more and more vegan so much fun and challenging in all the right ways. So thank you for what you do. I think ever dollar spent on it is well worth it.

    —Austin H.

  • I love, love the idea of what you’re doing. More people need structure to take away some of the excuses for not living and eating the way they want and should (myself included).

    —Chris R.

  • I am thrilled to see what you’ve created here. Meal plans are a work of art. It takes a lot of thought to consider so much: i.e. budgets, not wasting food, tastes/preferences, time, serving sizes, etc. It is definitely a great way to get people to eat vegan when you take all the guess work out!

    —Lindsay S.

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