Hi there and welcome to Well Vegan! The idea of Well Vegan came to be after my daughter was born. She had a glut of food allergies that transitioned us from vegetarians to vegans and we’ve never turned back. I soon discovered that with the right recipes and a little planning it’s entirely possible to enjoy some great tasting food while also benefiting from a healthy diet. And so, I decided to develop a site that would make eating a plant-based diet easy as pie — btw, you have to check out this pie recipe.

With a plant-based lifestyle becoming more popular and some very talented cooks experimenting and pushing the ingredients into new places, there’s never been a better, or tastier, time to be a vegan. I hope you’ll find the recipes here rewarding and tasty enough to share with your family and friends!

Katie Koteen, Founder of Well Vegan


My food experiences began on the dusty prairies of the mid-western United States, where green beans come in cans and every meal involves at least one animal part. It was a binding experience, to say the least. Luckily times (and hairstyles) have changed since the early 80s, and regardless of your geographical situation, great food is available year-round. I’ve been in California the past few decades, most currently living in Portland, Oregon. I’m a web designer, pet enthusiast, yoga student and more importantly, an enthusiastic eater.

Kate Kasbee, Writer and Contributor

kateKate Kasbee is addicted to vegetables. She is also a blogger, copywriter, and author with a background in marketing and communications. Kate’s work has been published on number of websites and blogs (including Well Vegan) in industries ranging from real estate, to technology, to pet care. Kate wrote her first book, Well Vegan: A Starter Guide, in 2014.

A Chicago native, Kate now resides in Los Angeles with her small dog and a massive collection of spices.


  1. Donna Frymark

    What if I decided in two months I did not want to stay on this. Can I automatically stop this program

  2. Well Vegan

    Of course! You can cancel anytime.

  3. Do you have a plan for a gluten-free vegan? Its quite challenging to be a gluten-intolerant vegan when all the “meat” substitudes contain wheat and gluten.

  4. Well Vegan

    We have been working on putting together some resources for gluten-free and soy-free vegan diets. All the recipes should soon be searchable, by the terms “gluten-free” or “soy-free.” Getting together a plan is on the horizon, but probably won’t happen as quickly. I’ll be sure to send you an email once all the recipes are tagged and searchable by those terms. Thanks for asking!

  5. Amber T

    I do not have a Trader Joe’s by me ): can I still find the products listed in your meal plans at my local health food store? Thanks

  6. Well Vegan

    Absolutely! You should be able to find everything at your local health food store without a problem.

  7. would love to see the nutritional content of your recipes, i.e. grams of protein, calories, etc….perhaps you might consider adding that as it’s sometimes difficult to get the RDI of protein, iron etc..on a vegan/vegetarian diet.

  8. Well Vegan

    Hi Jill! Nutritional information is definitely in the works. Check back in a few months 🙂

  9. I want to join but I want to know how many calories are in each meal, is that possible???

  10. Hi Katie,
    I have a 3 yr old, a 2 yr old and a 3 month old. Thank you for putting together quick and easy recipes – this is very doable! Any advice for dealing with picky toddler eaters?

  11. Well Vegan

    Toddlers can be a challenge. My daughter will eat any pasta thing. One of her favorites is the Kale Walnut Pesto Pasta. Besides that, repetition. Usually after the tenth time I’ve served her something she’ll start to like it. Just keep trying!

  12. Hi Katie,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I have been doing many shakes and more vegan meals. Trying to get uncle Larry to do more of this.

    I am going to pass your blog and website along to my sisters and brothers! As we are grilling a Ribeye in windy Kansas City I am writing this! An occasional indulenge!


  13. Ariana Cureil

    I am currently in graduate school taking two classes and working part-time. I am the chief cook for my family.

    I am short on time and stressed out. How can your service help me?

    Best regards,
    Ariana Curiel

    PS I will be receiving a CSA box starting in September so that my family and I can eat healthier.

  14. Well Vegan

    @Ariana – In addition to the free trial, there’s a sample week over here you can check out. I hope the service will save you the time and effort of planning and also save you money by eliminating wasted food at the end of the week.

  15. Fellow vegan mom, so happy to find you! My kids are now 20 (Jack, vegan since 3 yrs) and Lucy (vegan since birth) and I just wanted to let you know about my efforts to bring plant-based meals into the mainstream. I hope you’ll check out leanandgreenkids.org and sign up for the newsletter. Of course, I signed up for yours 🙂 Thanks for all you do to make the world a leaner, greener and kinder place! Barb

  16. How many people does you meal plan serve? Right now it’s just me and my husband….so should I cut the recipes in half?

  17. Well Vegan

    @Ticia – The meal plan is designed for two, so you should be good!

  18. This site is AWESOME! I’m nearing the end of week one. My carnivore husband and son are happy! My wallet is happy! My schedule is happy! Our bodies are happy! Thank you for this phenomenal website. I am a fan for life!! — I even took food to a friend in the hospital with a Sickle Cell crisis. This dude always asks for BBQ and Trix, but he loved your chickpea and rice soup with kale (I mentioned the kale after he was done, he hadn’t noticed!) and your banana muffins!!!

  19. Your website is beautiful and easy to navigate. I just signed up for the plan and I’m very excited! What I received is organized to the MAX!! I love that. It’s super organized!!

    Since I’m signing up on a Wednesday, I had to eliminate unneeded ingredients from the shopping list. Let me tell you, and anyone else ready, it was super easy! Best organizational system for meal planning I have ever seen! And I even worked with a Registered Dietician!

  20. Well Vegan

    @Sandra – Thanks! Welcome aboard! So glad to hear it’s already working out so well for you 🙂

  21. When i join, will this include a meal and recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Thanks 🙂

  22. so if i signed up and stuff, etc. will i get enough nutrition, iron, calcium, omega 3, and calcium?
    thank you!

  23. Well Vegan

    @Kari – Yes, the meal plan includes breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks. Here’s a link to a sample meal plan: Sample Meal Plan.

  24. Well Vegan

    @Julie – Overall the answer is yes, but most (vegan) folks still take some form of vitamin supplement, especially B12, and make adjustments based on their personal situation and how they’re feeling. Vegans that are serious athletes tend to favor a higher protein program and supplement with extra protein rich snacks (nuts/seeds) and smoothies. Most others are quite happy in more the mid-range of 30–50g of protein per day. Here’s a helpful link to an overview of vegan nutrition: Vegan Nutrition

  25. Hey! I love your website. I am looking to reduce my meat consumption and try to eat meat-free, dairy-free, and grain-free. This does not leave me many options! Is there somewhere you could point me to that would have a meal plan that does not include grains? Thank you.

  26. Brittney Kalogeros

    Hey guys! I want to let you know how awesome of an idea this is. I have been a vegan for two years and getting started was so hard without any help! I am letting all of my vegan-to-be friends know about your site. Inspiration and dedication are hard to come by, I really appreciate you for your hard work ladies!!!!

  27. I wonder what nutrition’s considerations you are taking when preparing the weekly menu. How do I ensure the weekly meal plan considers all needed nutrition requirements for a family ? I have growing kids and need to make sure I provide them with a balanced menu to ensure they proper growth and development. Thanks

  28. Well Vegan

    Hi MF – These meal plans are not designed for families. They’re designed with nutritional considerations for two adults. That being said, many families have have made the plan work for them by adding in additional lunches and snacks for kids.

  29. Kathleen

    Any updates on gluten-free and soy-free meal plans? Also was wondering if you could do meal plans for specific diets, such as Dr. Esselstyn’s Plant Perfect? Thanks!

  30. Well Vegan

    Hi Kathleen! Sorry, nothing at the moment! But you can filter the recipes on the main recipe page by Gluten-free and Soy-free recipes. Hope that helps!

  31. Jackie Keiman

    Is it possible to see meal plans from previous weeks?

  32. Well Vegan

    @Jackie – If you were a member and missed those those weeks, just shoot me an email at katie@wellvegan.com. If you’re just looking for some examples, check out our Sample Week

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  34. Hi,
    I was just wondering with the calorie content is it per serving?

  35. Well Vegan

    @Ellen: Yup, per serving!

  36. Dear Katie and Kate,

    We would like to talk to you about a vegan project. Please call us at 301-977-4141 or e-mail.

    Thanks a lot!


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