General Meal Plan Questions

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General Meal Plan Questions

Q: What is Well Vegan?
A: We started Well Vegan as a resource for the vegan. We support a plant-based lifestyle, but if you’re transitioning or can only dedicate a few days a week to eating vegan, you can still take advantage of the resources on the site. We’re all about making plant based convenient, accessible and enjoyable. Our goal is to make eating vegan easier, so more people will make the switch. If you ever have suggestions about what you would like to see included, please holler.

Q: How many people is the weekly meal plan designed for?
A: The plan is designed for two people, which are based on average folks. You may want to adjust the quantities to your specific needs.

Q: Do you have a meal plan for families?
A: I have a family, but no family meal plan! Yikes! Well, as most of you with families can imagine, planning for a family is a logistical nightmare—little people, teenagers, picky eaters, school lunches, ahhhh!!! If you want to subscribe (and I hope you do), this is what I recommend; it typically works for our house and we have two kids (ages four and seven): Start with the basic plan without the flex day. Pick up some extra kid snacks and lunch stuff — carrots, raisins, peanut butter, whatever. And be sure to check out our post on kid friendly vegan eats.

Q: Will I lose weight eating a plant-based diet?
A: If you want to lose weight, a plant-based diet will probably help, but keep in mind that weight loss is dependent on caloric intake. If you’re eating more than your body needs, you’ll still gain weight. That said, a plant-based diet eliminates cholesterol and most saturated fats, greatly reducing your risk of heat disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Your diet will be centered around whole, fresh foods and not nearly as much processed or refined foods.

Q: When will I receive my first meal plan and grocery list?
A: As soon as you sign up, you can sign in and access your Meal Plan Dashboard. There you’ll find the past two week’s meal plans and shopping lists. You can always access meal plans and shopping lists here, but we’ll email the new list for the week every Thursday night.

Q: What is a Flex Day?
A: The flex day in the meal plan and flex shopping list allow you to take a day off from the plan. It comes in handy if you’re traveling or enjoying a dinner out with friends.

Q: What do the week numbers mean? I just started, shouldn’t it be week #1?
A: The weeks are numbered beginning the first week in January.

Q: I really don’t like a food that’s on the menu this week, can I change it?
A: Sure thing. If it’s as simple as a single ingredient, for example substituting pinto beans for black beans, super easy. If it’s a deal breaker for the recipe, check out the recipe section on the site or a previous week’s meal plan and find something you’re into. Just make sure to add what you need to your shopping list and get rid of what you don’t need. Both the meal plan and shopping list items are numbered, so it should be a breeze.

Account Questions

Q: Can I cancel any time?
A: Yes, cancel at any time.

Q: How do I cancel my account?
A: Log into the Meal Plan Dashboard, choose “Account” from the sidebar. A modal will pop up with your account information. At the top, choose “Subscriptions” and “Cancel.” Done, but we’ll miss you.

Q: How do I update my credit card information?
A: Log into the Meal Plan Dashboard, choose “Account” from the sidebar. A modal will pop up with your account information and at the bottom you’ll see an option for “Update Card.”


  1. Samantha

    About how much would I be spending each week on groceries?

  2. Well Vegan

    Great question! It really depends on whether you’re buying organic or conventional products. Or whether or not you buy in bulk. On average, we spend about $100 per week to feed two adults and one little person. I do a considerable amount of my shopping at Trader Joe’s and our local farmer’s market. I only hit up the Whole Foods for the things I can’t find elsewhere or their bulk items are very reasonably priced (and I do buy A LOT in bulk). Usually the first few weeks will be more expensive than the following weeks because you’ll be stocking up on staples that you won’t have to buy for a while (or all at the same time) again. You also save a considerable amount not buying all the milk based foods or meat. 

Hope that helps!

  3. Do you offer vegan recipes that are also gluten free?

  4. Well Vegan

    We have been working on putting together some resources for gluten-free and soy-free vegan diets. All the recipes should soon be searchable, by the terms “gluten-free” or “soy-free.” I’ll be sure to send you an email once all the recipes are tagged and searchable by those terms. Thanks for asking!

  5. I would like to be updated when there is a gluten-free option too. I can eat soy, but try to avoid gluten. Thanks!

  6. Well Vegan

    Will do, thanks Bee!

  7. Do your receipes provide carboydrates totals…being a type one diabetic; I need to know for insulin dosing. Thx

  8. Well Vegan

    Hi Linda, The recipes don’t yet include nutritional information, but it’s coming soon!

  9. Does it cost anything to sign up? I noticed that it says a free 14 day trial but does it cost anything after that?

  10. Well Vegan

    After the trial period expires, it’s $9.99 per month. We hope that Well Vegan’s shopping lists and meal plans will save you enough time and avoid wasted food in your refrigerator at the end of the week to more than compensate for the expense. We’re here to put your vegan diet on cruise control.

  11. Wow – I have been looking for something like this. we are a family of 5 – with two very busy overworked parents. we are all vegetarians, and the children are now shunning eggs and cheese – this could really come in handy because inevitably, i do not want to spend one whole day on the weekends with my nose buried in vegan cookbooks, then compiling a shopping list, then grocery shopping. and then, what? i still have to cook…lol.
    I noticed we have to submit our credit card info to try a 14-day trial – is there anyway a trial could be done without the cc info? Thanks and great work. The recipes are the best I have seen for a vegan meal plan.

  12. The meal plans listed are for a family of 4- any plans in the near future for a option to pick for just a family of 2?

  13. Well Vegan

    @CP – The meal plans are designed for 2 people. Many of the recipes in the plan make 4 servings and leftovers are often eaten at lunch or incorporated into other meals. If you find there’s more food than you need for the week, I recommend using the Flex Day shopping list and menu. The Flex Day allows you to take a day off from the plan or catch up on leftovers. It also comes in handy if you’re traveling or enjoying a dinner out with friends.

  14. Well Vegan

    @ Geetha – Here’s a link to our resources section, where you’ll find a sample week you can try out without the cc info. Enjoy 🙂 http://wellvegan.com/resources/sample-menu-and-meal-plan

  15. I want to eat vegan to lose weight AND to eat healthier is this the way to go??

  16. Shante

    Do I need a food processor? Do you have a suggestion for any other kitchen appliances that i may need?

  17. Well Vegan

    @ Shante – A food processor would be ideal, but a blender can also get the job done most of the time. Here’s a list of some other good things to have around the kitchen. Kitchen Equipment

  18. Well Vegan

    @ mimii – In general, vegans tend to be trim. Most processed/junk food isn’t vegan and we aren’t consuming high fat dairy or meat products, so that definitely works in our favor. In general, I’ve found that a vegan diet is great for maintain my weight mostly because I have to be more mindful about everything I put in my mouth. I’m more diligent about reading labels and thinking about what I’m consuming. That mindfulness of food, coupled with moderate exercise works best for me.

  19. Connie

    I’ve just signed up. I did the trial week and LOVED the recipes!!! I cannot wait to get these weekly!
    I do not have time to spend 5 hours (how long it takes me lol) every week on meal planning and when I don’t meal plan we eat out! Which is neither healthy nor cost effective. We spend $80 on the trial week and it’s lasted us over a week so I think that’s a pretty good deal!

  20. How would you determine your calorie intake??

  21. Well Vegan

    We’re working on adding nutritional value to all the recipes on the site. In the meantime, I recommend using http://www.livestrong.com or there are tons of good apps.

  22. I am allergic to bananas. I noticed a lot of recipes that have bananas in it. What can I use to substitute?

  23. Well Vegan

    Maybe applesauce… Depends on the recipe though.

  24. Katherine

    I’ve noticed other meal plans tend to re-use recipes the following weeks. Are all the recipes in the meal plans always new?

  25. Well Vegan

    @Katherine – We try to add 1-2 new recipes each week, but many are reused. We’ve found that most folks find it kinda hectic to be making all new recipes each week. We do try to space it out though, so recipes are only repeated once every 4-5 weeks or so.

  26. Christine

    Hi! I have a family of five, three kids from 6-10 yrs. Would I just double the shopping and recipes?

  27. Well Vegan

    Yeah, that generally works well. Another method that people like is to buy extra lunch foods for the week. Most of the dinner recipes serve 4 adults and lunches often consist of leftovers. So, if you just make some extra PB&J sandwiches for the kids and some salads for yourselves you’ll be in good shape. Just depends on your kids and their lunch situation, but please report back and let us know what works for your family. We’re always looking for new solutions!

  28. What font is this that you’re using on the site ? 🙂

  29. Well Vegan

    Skolar 🙂

  30. Hi

    there is a recipe that calls for rice milk (blueberry quinoa muffins) can I substitute with almond milk?

  31. Well Vegan

    Sure thing. Any nondairy milk will work.

  32. We are trying to do as much plant based and whole food as possible. Will these plans fit that well? You can do vegan but still be adding lots of refined and processed foods… We just want to avoid that 🙂

  33. Well Vegan

    @Jessica We try to keep processed foods to a minimum. Really depends on you definition of “processed.” I know some folks try to avoid even minimally processed foods, like tofu and tempeh. We definitely use a lot of those and an occasional Gardein fake chicken or something like that.

  34. Hi – is it okay to substitute almond milk, or hemp milk for soy milk? Thanks!

  35. Well Vegan

    @Susan: Yes! Almost always.

  36. Hi Well Vegan! I just started this program and I love it! I was freaking out every week with the planning and when I couldn’t be perfect, I’d just give up. To have it laid out for me like this is so helpful and easy and, most importantly, allows me to keep eating a vegan diet without the stress. I really appreciate this service.
    I wanted to ask how you plan the meals for the week. How do you know that you’re including enough vegetables or calcium sources and things like that? It appears to be a well-rounded diet, but I’m not a nutritionist, so I wondered if I should just go by the plan or if I should try to add in other supplements or food sources.

  37. Well Vegan

    @Anne – We do strive for a well rounded diet. We review the nutritional information from the recipes included for the week — mostly with protein, fat and calories in mind. And depending on your age, etc. needs vary, so make sure you’re getting what you need. There are supplements that are recommended for all vegans and we have a quick summary of all things nutrition over here: http://wellvegan.com/resources/vegan-nutrition.Let me know if you have any other questions!

  38. Busy Bea

    Is it possible to amend this plan to cook for one? Any tips on making this program work for a single busy professional type lady without wasting a ton of food and $?

  39. Well Vegan

    @Busy Bea – I recommend by starting with the flex-list (which eliminates a day’s worth of meals) and go from there. Some people prefer to make smaller portions and have more variety. Others opts to get rid of a few evening meals and eat more leftovers. The shopping lists include the meal number for the corresponding ingredient. It’s fairly simple to go through a list and eliminate all the ingredients for a specific meal. Does that help? We have a sample week online you can check out.

    Sample Menu and Meal Plan

  40. Fallon

    I know I can find the current week’s meal plan/grocery list/recipes on the dashboard, but how can I access other weeks? For example, the weeks that use a lot of fake meat, I’d have to sub out 3 meals, so it makes the lists more hassle than helpful, so I’d like to be able to find the ones that have meals I’d eat for the whole week. Thank you!

  41. Well Vegan

    @Fallon – Subscribers only have access to two weeks of meal plans at a time. There’s also an additional week you can check out on our Sample Menu and Meal Plan Page. If it’s something specific, like fake meat you’re looking to avoid, try substituting instead of cutting the whole recipe. Baked tofu is always a good stand-in. And if there’s a week you particularly enjoy, keep it handy for weeks you’re not so in to. Hope that helps!

  42. Bobbie Williams

    Is there a food list showing the food containing protein?

  43. Well Vegan

    Hi Bobbie – Check out this list, Vegan Nutrition and let me know if you have any other questions.

  44. Ariana Curiel

    Does the Well Vegan Plan follow the seasons in terms of recipe planning? For example, soups in the fall and winter, lighter meals in the summer and spring. Also is seasonal produce included?

    Ariana Curiel

  45. Well Vegan

    @Ariana – We try our best, but with subscribers all over the world it gets a little tricky. I know here in Southern California we have crazy long growing seasons. Gives us a warped perception of what is commonly available in other parts of the country. But generally speaking, yes 🙂

  46. Are your meals healthy & balanced.
    Does it help people to loose weight & heart healthy recipes?

  47. Well Vegan

    @Iliam – If you want to lose weight, a plant-based diet will probably help, but keep in mind that weight loss is dependent on caloric intake. If you’re eating more than your body needs, you’ll still gain weight. That said, a plant-based diet eliminates cholesterol and most saturated fats, greatly reducing your risk of heat disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Your diet will be centered around whole, fresh foods and not nearly as much processed or refined foods.

  48. Hello, I’ve signed up for the 14 day trial and am looking forward to trying out your resources. Will I have access to the nutritional information for the recipes in the 14 day trial? If not, how can I gain access to this information? I’m prepared to begin a paying subscription immediately if that’s what I need to do, but I’m not sure how to accomplish this. Thanks for your assistance.

  49. Well Vegan

    @Sue – The trial gives you access to everything, so you’re good to go!

  50. Are all the recipes on this site made for 2 people or more. I was recommended by my doctor to try this going vegan and this site. Thank you your time.

  51. Well Vegan

    @Sabrina – The meal plan is designed for two. They recipes make a variety of servings, but that information is included with each recipe. Often in the meal plan you’ll make a pot of soup (4 to 6 servings) and eat it a few times during that week.

  52. Vicki Davison

    Hi, I just signed up today. I have a couple of concerns that hopefully someone can help me with. First I have nut allergies. Second what is a good non-dairy milk and Third what is a good replacement for cheese?

  53. Well Vegan

    @Vicki – Nut allergies can be a tricky one on a vegan diet. You want to make sure you’re substituting the nuts with something comparable in protein. In general I recommend seeds, lentils and beans as an alternative. Sunflower seeds, Sunbutter, and edamame are all good alternative for snacks.
    There are so many non-dairy milks I suggests you try a few to see what you like. When making your selection make sure you pick a variety that is fortified with calcium and B12, among other things, and also has a low sugar content. Many of the vanilla and other flavors contain a lot of sugar. With a nut allergy, you might want to start with rice, soy or hemp milk. You might consider making your choice based on the protein content to compensate for taking the nuts out of your diet.
    There are a lot of vegan cheeses on the market. Daiya is decent, Kite Hill is amazing but more of a special occasion indulgence. Other than that, I suggest going without for the most part. It’s nice to add to the mix on occasion, but in general it tends to be not that great and a super processed food. I’ve found that most of the time when you think you’re missing cheese from a dish, it’s the salt you miss.
    Hope that helps!!!

  54. Adrienne Marquette

    So excited to try your sample week! I’ve attempted meal planning on my own without much success. This looks great! Thank you for doing all the work and offering the free sample week.

  55. Heather

    Are the nutritional facts divided by serving or are they for all servings? It’s hard to tell if the calories, etc, are broken down by individual servings, as some meals have very high calories listed (1010 for chickn scallopini) and very low for others. Thanks! Loving the plan so far!!

  56. Well Vegan

    @Heather – The nutritional facts are divided by serving. The scallopini is just a dooooosey, so much so that it was on my short list of recipes to amend after we worked out the nutritional info. It was a little shocking 🙂 It should be all fixed up now. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  57. Hannah

    Hi! I’m really interested in trying your service but am just shopping/cooking for myself. I saw someone asked above about the meal plan for one, and it said to plan on more leftovers– would it work to just cut the shopping list in half and make most of the meals with two servings, one for that meal and one for leftovers? Since the shopping list includes the total amount needed of an item for the whole week, I couldn’t figure out if that would work or if it would leave me lacking for some recipes.

    Thanks for your help!

  58. Well Vegan

    @Hannah – Oh man, there are so many ways to make it work for one! I think you’re on the right track. Sounds like a great solution. I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t work! Report back and let us know how it goes 🙂

  59. Hello – love the recipes on here!

    Is the nutritional information only available as a subscriber? I looked through the sample recipes and did not see any nutritional info. thanks!

  60. Well Vegan

    @Jeana – Glad you’re enjoying the site! Yeah, nutritional info is only available to subscribers.

  61. My husband and I are interested in using the plan, however we noticed on the sample week 1 menu lunch and snack say graze for leftovers. How will we have leftovers after just 1 meal on the plan?

  62. Hello, does the calorie count apply to each serving or the dish as a whole? Thanks.

  63. Well Vegan

    Calorie counts are per serving

  64. Nancy D

    Are your meal plans based on a daily caloric intake, ie. 1500 or 1200 a day? Thank you!

  65. I would also like to know if the meal plans are based on a daily caloric intake.

  66. Aubrey

    I just signed up for my free trial and I see on the first day it says “graze for leftovers”, how should I decipher what leftovers won’t be used on other meals? thanks!

  67. Rachelle

    What does “graze for leftovers” mean?

  68. Well Vegan

    @Rachelle – The recipes often make more than two meals worth of food, so finish it up! We’re big on not wasting food! Sundays in particular are a great day to finish everything up before you start a new week.

  69. Well Vegan

    @Aubrey – It’s more about finishing up what you already have on hand. We’re big on not wasting food and eating everything is just part of the process 🙂 And as the week progresses you’ll have leftovers from several of the recipes.

  70. I live in a very small town and the next large town is far enough away that we don’t go that often. There are many things that are not available to me for some ingredients. I noticed while looking through some of the recipes, that it calls for things like the Gardein “chicken”, and other things like that. What would I do since these are not available to me?

  71. Well Vegan

    @Rhonda – Thanks for your question. That’s a tricky one. Generally speaking, you can get quite a lot these days from online retailers, like Thrive Market. Aside from that, I would stock up on thing that keep (like frozen goods) when you are near a large store. Specialty diets in small towns can be tricky. Substituting things you can’t find for what’s available is also a great option. For instance, with the Gardein, you could try plain tofu or portobello mushrooms.

  72. Nene Larson

    Hi! I just started the plan and noticed that on the meal plan you have ‘forage for leftovers’. Can you please explain in more detail? I figure you mean to eat leftovers from previous meals but…just checking!
    Thank you

  73. Well Vegan

    @Nene – Yep, that’s absolutely what it means. We try really hard to avoid any wasted food for the week 🙂

  74. Rissa Miller

    Looking at the meal plans I’m wondering why you don’t have variety in your breakfast and snacks? Is it up to us to come up with those? Why not have different smoothies plus sometimes oatmeal for breakfast and list different snacks.

  75. Katie, know that some of us are very, very interested in reducing the amount of added sugar in our diets.

    I’m thrilled to find your site. I’ve been a vegetarian for 26 years and now trying to go vegan. Going without cheese or eggs is hard (and having to relearn so much in order to do that).

  76. Well Vegan

    Hi Rissa,
    We do have variety week to week, but for a single week we typically try to keep it to 2-3 breakfast items per week for a couple of reasons. First, to keep costs low and reduce any possible food waste. Secondly, most of us are in a hurry during the weekday mornings and having a new recipe everyday can been stressful. We try to make eating vegan as easy as possible. But also know that many of our meal plans for the spring and summer months include smoothies for breakfasts and snacks. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  77. Well Vegan

    Hey Donna! I think we ALL should be interested in reducing sugar, so that’s for that. Good luck in your transition! And let me know if there’s anything we can do to help you on your way!

  78. Hi, I’m so excited to try this!!! I started a plant-based food diet on Feburary 1st and have been looking for smthg like this since day ONE!! I do have one quick question, what does graze leftovers mean? It on the first day of the meal plan. I don’t have any leftovers!!

  79. Well Vegan

    Hi Days! Welcome! The first week, graze on that Sunday is just finishing up any leftover food you have in the house. Pretty soon you’ll have lots of great vegan leftovers! We try to eliminate as much wasted food as possible during the week since it’s good for the environment and good for the budget 🙂 Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  80. Heather

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to help in going vegan. One thing, do you have gluten free options? I have a gluten intolerance.

    Thank you!

  81. Well Vegan

    Hi Heather! The gluten-free version is in the works! We do try to offer alternatives within recipes when it’s possible, but there are some recipes currently in the plan that don’t have quick substitutions.

  82. Would this be suitable for someone living in the UK? I.e payment and also common ingredients.

  83. Well Vegan

    @Ally – Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure. But we do have a free sample week. Check it out and let us know if it’s UK friendly 🙂 Sample Week Menu and Meal Plan

  84. Jeremy

    The sample recipes and shopping lists are all full color, do you also email out black and white text printable versions?

  85. Well Vegan

    @Jeremy – Yeah, absolutely! Black and white go out weekly for easy printing.

  86. Diane jarosy

    Could a type 2 vegan diabetic follow your plan?

  87. Well Vegan

    @Diane – Please send me an email and I’m happy to see if your individual needs would work on the plan! katie@wellvegan.com

  88. Is the calorie information provided with your recipes for each serving or for the entire recipe?

  89. Well Vegan

    @Jana – Each serving 🙂

  90. Jennifer

    Hello! I’ve already answered several questions by reading all these comments, but I have just a couple more!

    First, this was asked a couple times but not answered- is there a basic overall calorie count per day? I realize I could subscribe and start adding, but I want to know if that is a consideration when you are putting your weekly plans together! Unfortunately, I need to be around 1300-1500 calories per day.

    Second, (and along a similar line) are the nutrients (Vitamins, Calcium, Protein, Fiber, etc.) totaled per day? I did see your breakdown of vegan nutrition page; do the daily meal plans encompass these listed breakdowns?

    Thank you!

  91. Jenny Dannatt

    Do you have oil free options on the horizon ?

  92. Well Vegan

    @Jenny – Nothing currently in the works for an oil free option. Sorry about that!

  93. Hi! I am super intrested in going vegan I just wanted to know if your plan is safe for type 2 diabetics?

  94. Well Vegan

    Hi Nadine! Thanks for your interest, but we definitely suggest you find a vegan dietician or nutritionist to help you out with meal planning when there are any medical complications. Naturally, it’s going to be more expensive, but completely worth it. They’ll be able to tailor something to your exact needs and really help you on your way!

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