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15 Delicious Protein-Packed Vegan Salads

Oh, salads. They should be easy to throw together for a healthy mid-day meal, but they’re actually pretty easy to screw up. Add too many toppings and you’re eating way more than you planned for; don’t add enough and you’re absolutely starving again by the time 2 o’clock rolls around. What’s a hungry vegan to do? When it comes to building a healthy, nutritious salad that will fill you up and keep you satisfied for hours – turn to protein. … Read more

5 Vegan Salads that Will Fill You Up

When it’s hot outside (it’s getting there, I promise) there is nothing I love more than a crisp, refreshing salad. It just hits the spot. And I’m not talking about a few leafs of iceberg lettuce topped with sliced tomato. That’s rabbit food. When I’m hungry – and I’m always hungry – I want a salad I know is going to fill me up and curb my hunger until it’s time to eat again. Oh, and it has to taste … Read more

Forego the Egg Cracking and Veganize Easter Brunch!

There’s something really great about a holiday that’s pretty much over by lunchtime. Wake up, hunt some (faux) eggs, have a nice brunch and everyone is home in time for an afternoon nap. Whether you’re in the position of hostess or guest this year, I put together some suggestions for a veganized Easter brunch that won’t disappoint. You can simply make one of these and call it good, or go all in and make the whole shebang if you have … Read more

Kale, Quinoa and Black Bean Salad with Chaparral Garden’s Pacific Spice Vinegar

Looking for a hearty winter salad? How about an awesome last minute gift? Today, we give you both courtesy of our good friend, Vanessa Dominy. This kale, quinoa and black bean salad is just perfect as a side dish for your next gathering or as an entree on a week night when you want something something filling but simple to prepare. And the vinegar is what makes it! It’s outta control good. Make it your go to host(ess) gift this … Read more

Total Americana, the Cobb Salad

Native Foods has arrived in San Diego! Maybe you have one where you come from, but an entirely vegan-friendly restaurant is a hard to find around here. It’s such a luxury to walk into a restaurant and be able to order absolutely anything without meticulously scouring the menu and playing twenty questions with your server. I couldn’t be happier that kinda freedom has finally made it’s way to our suburban neck of the woods. In the interest of saving a … Read more

Toasty Bits: Let’s Make Panzanella

So this blog you’re reading has been sorely neglected. I know it’s just terrible, but I do have a good excuse. Would you like to hear it? Here goes, three months ago this adorable little creature on the right joined us and has been keeping me just a little bit busy. He’s still leaving us all a little tattered around the edges, but getting better every day. So that’s my first major excuse, but wait, I have another! I’ve also … Read more

A few of my (new) favorite things!

Here are a few of my favorite things, from this week, at least: Green (Moroheiya) Noodles I love ramen noodles, but stopped eating them years ago since the sodium is through the roof—my father-in-law fondly refers to the original as salt-water soup. I recently found these tasty little green noodles, they’re entirely vegan and totally delicious. Made from Moroheiya (a super vegetable), they provide vitamin A and a decent amount of fiber. Cube up some tofu, add some carrots and … Read more

Salad in a jar

Over the years we have experimented with countless ways to bring a salad to work without it getting soggy or tiny little containers of dressing popping open and destroying lunch bags — that’s the worst. My husband came across this idea over here and it actually works! Apparently, if stacked correctly, these little salads can last up to 4 days. So here’s the magical stacking order from bottom up: dressing hearty items: tomatoes, beans, onions, carrots then lighter bits: quinoa, … Read more