Sample Vegan Meal Plan

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos

We designed the Well Vegan meal plan to make shopping and cooking on a vegan diet a no-brainer. Every week we deliver complete vegan meal plans and grocery lists right to your inbox! It saves you the time and hassle of planning your week. The lists are designed for two people, but easily scale for more or less. Below you’ll find a sample vegan meal plan week and all the details.

  • Shopping Lists

    No more Sunday afternoons spent deciphering recipes and scraping together a shopping list. And better yet, no more mid-week trips to the store to pick up something you forgot. Each week’s vegan meal plan includes a shopping list, which details all the necessary ingredients, and is emailed to you each week. It’s all there—nice and neat, and ready for the week ahead.

  • Meal Plans

    Planning nutritious vegan meals can be time consuming and overwhelming. Every week we put together a convenient meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. If there’s ever anything you’re not crazy about it’s easy to swap out another recipe from the site. We offer a few different breakfast options for the week like oatmeal and your favorite vegan cereal, but I also encourage you to try out a tofu scramble or pancakes on the weekend. Yum.

  • Recipes

    I love to cook, and enjoy a stack of cookbooks at my bedside table. If that’s not your thing, let us help! We love the challenge of creating a tasty and healthy vegan diet. We’ve compiled all our favorites here are on the site to share with you, but if you have a favorite send it in! We love to try new recipes. I hope you’ll even share them with your non-vegan friends and family.

  • Resources

    Perhaps you’ve stood in the grocery store baffled by the finer points of firm versus soft tofu. Or even wondered, “What exactly is tofu?” Check out our resources section for answers to those and (hopefully) all your other pressing and not-so-pressing questions. There’s also some good information on nutrition and general vegan lifestyle. And for current vegan happenings, have a gander at our blog. For even more current bits, follow us on Twitter @wellvegan.

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  • I’m really loving the recipes and menus. It’s amazing! I’ve saved a ton on groceries already! My husband is a carnivore, but because of my diet eats what I eat while he’s home (I’m the cook!). He’s loving the recipes too! Thank you a million times over! 

    —Miranda L.

  • I love your site. It’s really made me transitioning to eating more and more vegan so much fun and challenging in all the right ways. So thank you for what you do. I think ever dollar spent on it is well worth it.

    —Austin H.

  • I love, love the idea of what you’re doing. More people need structure to take away some of the excuses for not living and eating the way they want and should (myself included).

    —Chris R.

  • I am thrilled to see what you’ve created here. Meal plans are a work of art. It takes a lot of thought to consider so much: i.e. budgets, not wasting food, tastes/preferences, time, serving sizes, etc. It is definitely a great way to get people to eat vegan when you take all the guess work out!

    —Jennaveve S.

Sample Vegan Meal Plan and Shopping List

We do our best to make it easy to follow a plant-based diet. During the week we try to keep dinner prep time under 45 minutes, leaving the more creative recipes for the weekend when you have more time to enjoy. We’ve also included a flex day in the meal plan and flex shopping list which allows you to take a day off from the plan. It comes in handy if you’re traveling or enjoying a dinner out with friends.

Below you’ll find a sample week’s downloads: a full meal plan, a full shopping list, and a flex shopping list.

Sample Vegan Meal Plan Week

Money-back Guarantee! • Simple and Delicious Recipes • Cancel Anytime

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