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Curried Chickpea Salad Sandwich

This vegan curried chickpea salad sandwich is a super easy recipe that will make your glad you brought your lunch to work and so easy to prepare in the morning, you won’t hesitate. It’s got the punch of the curry with the added bonus of the raisins to bring some sweetness to the mix and there you have it, a divine lunch experience. In general, I prefer my curried chickpea salad on sourdough, with lettuce, tomato and avocado. It could … Read more


Forego the Egg Cracking and Veganize Easter Brunch!

There’s something really great about a holiday that’s pretty much over by lunchtime. Wake up, hunt some (faux) eggs, have a nice brunch and everyone is home in time for an afternoon nap. Whether you’re in the position of hostess or guest this year, I put together some suggestions for a veganized Easter brunch that won’t disappoint. You can simply make one of these and call it good, or go all in and make the whole shebang if you have … Read more


Total Americana, the Cobb Salad

Native Foods has arrived in San Diego! Maybe you have one where you come from, but an entirely vegan-friendly restaurant is a hard to find around here. It’s such a luxury to walk into a restaurant and be able to order absolutely anything without meticulously scouring the menu and playing twenty questions with your server. I couldn’t be happier that kinda freedom has finally made it’s way to our suburban neck of the woods. In the interest of saving a … Read more


An Ode to Trader Joe’s

In honor of Valentine’s Day, my love letter this year has to go to Trader Joe’s—convenient, affordable and oh so vegan friendly. This week I found so many new vegan foods at Trader Joe’s I had to say something! I usually don’t spend a lot of time in the frozen aisle, but this week was an exception. The very friendly woman at the sample booth lured me in with her Chickenless Morsels and highly suggested I investigate a few of … Read more