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Forego the Egg Cracking and Veganize Easter Brunch!

There’s something really great about a holiday that’s pretty much over by lunchtime. Wake up, hunt some (faux) eggs, have a nice brunch and everyone is home in time for an afternoon nap. Whether you’re in the position of hostess or guest this year, I put together some suggestions for a veganized Easter brunch that won’t disappoint. You can simply make one of these and call it good, or go all in and make the whole shebang if you have … Read more


Chicken-less Soup

The end-of-winter cold is going around and we got ours all the way from Maryland. Makes it feel just a little more special knowing the germs had to travel such a distance before infecting us all. Last week all of our East Coasters flew in and brought with them the requisite travel cold. It was inevitable that we would all get it. In addition to the cold, they brought the cutest little baby you’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, he was patient … Read more



Round abouts the holiday season, Trader Joe’s stopped carrying our favorite frozen vegan meatballs. Initially, I thought it was just on account of making room for holiday goods, but alas they’re GONE. Apparently there’s an issue with the supplier, but sometimes I think that’s just something they say to pacify a disappointed customer. Those things were awesome. Since then we’ve tried others and have only found disappointment. And some are darn expensive. Especially with a five year old that can … Read more


The Ultimate (Vegan) Tacos

Tacos are my number one goto food. Especially for entertaining. And picky kids. What other single entree can effortlessly please a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore, dairy-free, gluten-free gathering of your nearest and dearest?! Nothing. Well maybe the taco’s cousin, the burrito—but a taco feels a little more festive and elevated in some way, plus you can make yourself like four or five without anyone raising an eyebrow. Every freaking one can be different too. So American, I know. But it’s … Read more


Super Easy Protein Carrot Cake Bars

This is a recipe I have had tucked away in my Pinterest queue for just the right day. It’s totally vegan and gluten-free. It’s so nice to have things you can just grab and they’re all sweet and tasty. If you are interested in keeping it gluten-free, you’ll need to make sure your baking soda is gluten-free as well. The recipe suggests using a stand mixer, but I think it could have been done by hand. One less thing to … Read more


Kale, Quinoa and Black Bean Salad with Chaparral Garden’s Pacific Spice Vinegar

Looking for a hearty winter salad? How about an awesome last minute gift? Today, we give you both courtesy of our good friend, Vanessa Dominy. This kale, quinoa and black bean salad is just perfect as a side dish for your next gathering or as an entree on a week night when you want something something filling but simple to prepare. And the vinegar is what makes it! It’s outta control good. Make it your go to host(ess) gift this … Read more


Chocolate Peppermint Mousse

Tired of cookies? Me too! Let’s try something that looks a little fancier, but is so simple. Start to finish, like 15 minutes. No joking. The hard part is waiting for it chill in the refrigerator. Tick-tock. Rich and chocolatey just waiting for you. Luckily there’s usually a spatula or a bowl to lick until then. You can try to make this recipe with plain old vegan chocolate chips, but I think they’re a little too sweet. What works best … Read more


Scrumptious Vegan Holiday Appetizers

Whether you’re having a few friends over for drink or looking for something fit to feed a crowd, look no further. Here are a few of our favorite snacks for the holidays. Baked Cashew Cheese This baked cashew cheese is amazing. Serve it up with some simple crackers, bread, maybe a little fruit and you’re in business. Don’t let the prep time for this recipe discourage you. It does require some planning ahead, but the actual hands-on time is minimal. … Read more


Indian Night

I love, love, love Indian food. I could eat it everyday. And if not Indian, then Mexican. Mexican food is pretty awesome too. But back to Indian. I’ve been making my way through way too many dal recipes in an attempt to replicate the one at my favorite little takeout spot. I have not been successful on that front, but in the process have stumbled upon some amazing and wonderfully simplistic recipes. Roasted Masala Cauliflower is divine and doesn’t require … Read more


Boom-Crack-Pop: July 4th Recipes That Will Knock Their Socks Off

Part One: Something to drink, the Frontera Margarita This is the best margarita you will ever have in your life. The best. If you’re having a fourth of July party or even if you’re not you’ll want to make this your official party drink of summer. Every host(ess) should have a specialty, and I encourage you to make this yours! This bit of lime and tequila perfection comes from, Rick Bayless,—public television superstar and the gringo authority on all delicious … Read more